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Our products are highly useful for various industries. Following are some of the application areas of some of our distinguished products

ECOFLUX Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers - The heat exchanger finds its extensive use in various industries such as Chemical process, Pharmaceutical (bulk drugs and formulations), Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Edible oil Industries, Paper & Pulp, Power, steel, coal, oil & refinery, food and beverage processing industry and many more where a shell and tube heat exchanger is used. The heat exchanger can be used as Condenser, cooler, chillier, heater, sub cooler, heat recovery applications and many more applications.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - These type of HE used in various types of industries like, steel, fertilizer, pharma, process, paper, oil, power, petrochemical., Oil refineries, cement, Paint, polymer, distillery, refrigeration, Etc. The heat exchangers can be used as Heaters / Coolers, Condensers, chillers, Vent Condensers, Sub coolers, Gas Heater / Coolers Regenerator, Engine Coolant Cooler, Thermic Fluid Heaters and Coolers, Reboilers, Evaporators, etc.

Plate Heat Exchanger - These type of HE used in various types of industries like, mechanical engineering, chemical, ship building, power, pharma, steel, surface treatment, automotive, paper & pulp, textile, heating-ventilation-air conditioning, sugar, extraction, food, off & on shore, piston & turbo machines, etc.

Unicus Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger -

  • In Food Industries Chocolates, Meat Processing, Freeze Concentration etc.
  • In Cosmetic Industries Ointments, Lotions etc.
  • In Chemical Industries Waxes, Polymers, Crystallisation, Evaporation etc.
  • In Environmental Applications Waste Concentration, Evaporation etc.

Food Systems -

  • Processing of fruit pulp, purees, whole or diced fruits and vegetables.
  • Processing of food paste, vegetable purees, pulp and concentrates.
  • Processing of dairy products, cream, yoghurt.
  • Processing of chocolates, jams, jelly, sauces.
  • Heat treatment of high viscosity products.
  • Evaporation and thermal concentration.
  • Production of liquid ice for marine application.

Hygienic Piston Pump - Food products, Viscous liquids, Diced and sliced fruits and vegetables, Fruit bases Soups.

Aseptic Filler -

  • Catering. A rapidly growing market driven by the modern trend of eating away from home: in company restaurants, administrative centres, hospitals, colleges etc.
  • Low acid products: prepared vegetables (spinach, peas, peppers, onion...), precooked meals (baked beans in tomato sauce, stews...) and many others.
  • Whole or diced fruit (peach, apricot, strawberry, pear, apple...), prepared fruit for yoghurt, and fruit pulps, purees and concentrates.
  • Diced tomato
  • Hot and cold break tomato concentrate

Evaporator -

  • Volume reduction
  • Product concentration
  • Dryer feed pre-concentration
  • Water / solvent recovery
  • Crystallization.

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